Writing in Multiple Genres

I’ve finished editing half of my science fiction book, Skyburn, and am ready to send it out Chapters for critique. However, I’ve found over the past few weeks that when I spent too much time editing my brain begins to wander and I end up less than satisfied with the result. So I did something I swore I wouldn’t do again, I started alternating my editing with writing a novel in a different genre.

Before I wrote the first draft of Skyburn, I attempted, unsuccessfully, to write a romance novel or two. Most people (in my limited experience as a writer) suggested that this would be easy. Perhaps if I attempted to write a bodice ripper, or a romance that falls within another genre, such as paranormal romance, or mystery romance, where there is more to the story than the romance itself, this would be true. But for me it’s not.

Romance is bloody hard to write.

Why? Because I can’t think of enough reasons to keep my hero and heroine apart. I always seem to end up at a scene where they simply talk out their differences, kiss and make-up and… Ta Da, Happily Ever After.

This usually occurred after about 30,000 words. The story had no build up, no tension and no oomph. So I abandoned all attempts because they were too short to be the novel I wanted them to be and not interesting enough for me to even feel like they had the basic framework for a stronger story.

Finishing Skyburn has given me a new view of my previous efforts. It’s not that they were bad, it was that I didn’t really understand the different ways you could add tension and drama to a scene, even in a modern setting.

So, where to from here? I’ve signed up for camp nanowrimo in July and I’m going to attempt to write the beginnings of a longer romance. I have the synopsis written. It is short at this stage since I haven’t really started to write the novel. I also have good ideas on the two main characters, the secondary characters, their lies, their goals, their essences, the setting and the basic plot. Well, in my head at the very least and with a short list recorded in Scrivener for expanding. Should be easy, right?

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this one works out more successfully than my last attempts. If all else fails I’ll move on to the second book of the Skyburn trilogy (I have so much material and such a complicated world that it’s blown out).

Wish me luck 🙂