Trail Running

I am preparing for the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic even though it is not definite yet. So I have started running on the trails around our area in an effort to train. However, I had forgotten just how much harder running on trails is compared to running on the road. My calf muscles have been screaming at me to stop on the steep trails and I have slightly dodgy ankles from years of playing netball that like to roll with little provocation, so I need to be careful when running on trails that are rocky, uneven and even slippery in places. The trails I have been running on have had all those elements but thankfully I haven’t seen any snakes lately (wrong time of the year for them to be out). Plenty of spiders though and hopefully I will manage to keep avoiding their webs.

This week I have spent some time running along different trails getting a feel for the distances over the different tracks and the uneven terrain. I have taken Blaze with me each time. I was cursing him on the first run because he tried to drag me down some of the steeper sections and I did happen to roll my ankle when my foot got caught between a couple of rocks. Blaze loves trail running so it can be hard to slow him down at times. Today he was better behaved so I managed to avoid any problems. He still gets tired around the 4k mark and it can be difficult to get him moving once he has decided he has had enough so I went slower today to accommodate him and also so I could stop and take in what was around me a bit more.

There are some great sections along the trails and this section which looks from North to South towards the city is my favourite:



This photo sadly doesn’t do it justice. To the left of the picture is Manly and off to the right is a golf course. The sky wasn’t that clear today over the city (it’s hidden) and the smell of smoke was hanging in the air so I am guessing there was a big fire somewhere. But you can see from the photo what gorgeous weather we are having in Sydney at the moment. It is like spring/early summer but in May – CRAZY!!!! Not that I’m complaining since I love the warmer weather. I hope it just hangs around until next month so I can enjoy it a bit more.