Trail Running and Swimming

Wow, I am slack. So My knee is better – hip hip hooray! I’m running again and I’ve also started swimming at least once a week too. I’m still trying to build up the muscles in my legs since I had such a long break from running but the trail running I’ve been doing has been helping. Blaze’s fitness took a hit too and he’s mostly wanting to stop at 3km now and I have to drag him home after that.

They did some back burning around the trails near our house a couple of weekends ago so I went for a bit of a look last week on a run. Lot’s of burnt bush and even though it had been a few days since the back burn, the smell of the fire hurt my lungs.


Burnt Out Bush Around Manly Dam

10727385_375437969275180_459760810_nBurnt Out on the Left, not on the Right

I was glad that I ran down passed the waterfall and took the title pic for this post. It had been raining heavily after the burn out and there was water running over it, even if it was a bit dirty. I didn’t see too many other people on my run but it was such a gorgeous day I couldn’t not make it slightly longer than my usual 5km.

The weather has turned grey again in Sydney. I’m looking forward to the sun to come back.