The knee saga continues

So it has been weeks since I’ve been for a run and I’ve been slowly going crazy. I would have ridden my bike but it has been has been raining almost non-stop for the past month. I’ve started swimming again so that I am still active and by and large I love it. I love the feeling of gliding through the water. It’s was always my favourite sport and my most relaxing. My only gripe is the issues related to other people using the pool (see my previous post about it here and then think that something similar happens, or worse, every time I go swimming and you’ll get the picture). 

But after having properly rested my knee for a few days, which included not walking the dog, I was feeling good this morning and decided to go for a little, easy run to ward off the crazy despite the rain. I took the dog with me and headed out for a slow run. My knee felt better than it has in weeks but it slowly developed a burn, but not bad enough for me to stop. So I ran 5km at a slow pace and I felt awesome when I finished. It is now hurting as it cools down so clearly I am not better. After talking to both physio and GP it is suspected that I may have torn my meniscus (cartilage). So I have to have an MRI and depending upon what that shows, an arthroscopy. Given it could be weeks before I was given the OK to run again I decided to take the risk and do it anyway. We will see later today if that was a mistake or not.