Taking a break

My knees were feeling a lot better after having a week off so yesterday I thought I’d go for a short run to test them out. It was clearly a bad idea because today they are killing me. So running is off the table for at least another week, possibly two. I will keep walking the dog every day and go for a ride if I have time.

Blaze is enjoying his walks although he misses running (he tries to pull like a freight train at times). When I took him for a run yesterday his fitness had regressed because he’d had enough by 2.5km. Lucky for him I wasn’t feeling very well so ended up walking a bit. Here is is having a little rest on one of the trails:

14 - 4

If the weather was warmer I’d start swimming again but because I can’t face the water if the air temperature drops below 18 degrees Celsius (yes, I love summer) it will be a while before I think swimming is a good idea. The kiddos have to go twice a week, maybe I should go as well?