Autumn in Oz

February managed to sneak away from me and with it the last days of summer – although you wouldn’t know it since temperatures are still hovering in the low thirties, high twenties (around 80-90°F). It’s also humid, and I hate humidity. The air feels hard to breathe and sticks to …

NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition – Round 3

I made it through to the final round of the NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition. ? Like before, I wasn’t expecting it. Not because I didn’t think my entry was good enough, but because I’d read some of the other scripts submitted in my heat, including the entry that (deservedly) came …

The Silly Season (including NanoWriMo)

I was very quiet around here last month. That’s thanks to NanoWriMo taking up most of my writing time, and the fact that the silly season seemed to start earlier this year. First, a quick NanoWriMo wrap up. I started off strong, getting well ahead of my daily target, and then …

Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part Two

Last week, Chuck Wendig asked writers to create 1,000 words of part one of a scary story. I intended to take part but life got in the way. This week you can choose one of those story beginnings and create a part two. Next week will be part three.

I find the middle of a story sometimes the hardest to write, and first person present also difficult. There were some great part one choices, but in the end I chose this (untitled) one, by another Aussie author:


Thumping and scratching noises are coming from the ceiling directly above me. A family of possums most likely.

“Honey, do you hear that?” I roll over. The other side of the bed is empty. Continue reading

NanoWriMo 2015 Winner

I haven’t done much reading this month — only two books. I have been missing in action thanks to NanoWriMo and my 50,000 word goal. I am pleased to say that I accomplished my target on the 23rd of November – Yippee! But I’m not finished. The 50,000 words will make …