Stuffed Knee

So, last week after a 10k run my knee started to hurt. Then I did some interval training on my next run and it really hurt. It has been hurting ever since and gets worse whenever I walk or run. It hurt at pilates this morning too. So I have clearly done something to it (stress fracture??). As a result I have decided I am going to have to bite the bullet and take a break from running and start riding more or head back to the swimming pool (brrrrrrr….).

Today, however, was a beautiful day and even though I am in a fair bit of pain I decided to walk the dog and do a bit of Geocaching. I found the first one easy enough but the second one is really difficult and I didn’t have any luck. I even took the kids back with me after I picked them up from school to see if they could see something I couldn’t but again no luck.  It is somewhere by one of the paths I walk down regularly so I will keep looking until I find it. I might need to read back through the logs for some more clues.

I love sunny days like today. I find I have far more motivation than on days where it is cold/windy/wet in general. Even if it’s just doing housework I really struggle to get moving if the sun isn’t shining. I hope out hangs around; I much prefer the warmer weather.