Spring has Sprung

Australia is leaving the colder months behind and the mercury will soon begin to rise. My moods and motivation levels tend to reflect the temperature, dipping with the cold and rising with warmth, so last month’s goals may have been a bit ambitious. I managed to read five books to complete a winter reading challenge (more in this post). I wrote a little over 10,000 words of my sci-fi novel, although that wasn’t the 30,000 I had wanted to write. On the plus side, I made the final round of the screenplay competition and received some great feedback on my entry. I also have more words written than I did before and three screenplays I can work on.

After a prolonged period of injuries with long recovery times, I’m back to running three or four days a week and walking on alternate days. My ankles have a tendency to roll, so I’m still a little cautious, especially on rocky downhills. But my muscles are firming up, my pace is getting better, and I’m feeling stronger. Bring on the warmer weather 🙂

My goals for September certainly look achievable on paper (or on-screen):

  • Reading: Read one book a week.
  • Writing: Complete first draft of a 4000 word short story.
  • Running: Stay injury free and stick to my schedule.

Why isn’t blogging on that list when I clearly don’t manage it consistently?

It’s always the first thing I let slide when I find my days and weeks are full. I suppose, given the beginning of a new season, I should be committing myself to the task of blogging more often, but I can’t. I’ll do it, when I remember, knowing that I write mainly for myself and my voice is likely to be lost amongst millions of others. If someone else takes away something useful from my ramblings, then that’s a bonus.

What sort of goals do you have for the new season?