Shoes and feet

Obviously what shoes you need for running depend on your feet so what works for me probably won’t work for someone else. At the moment though I am mainly switching between my Nike Lunar racers; I have two pairs, one in pink and one in orange just so I don’t get confused. I do love them though and they are the best runners I have ever had. I also have a pair of Salomon trail running shoes which I don’t wear that much but really should, especially given there are a lot of great trail runs I could be doing near my house. The local wild life kind of scares me though and on my last venture into the bush I met with a red-bellied black snake coming up the trail when I was running down it. I’ve stuck to the more urban areas since. I also have a pair of New Balance shoes which I used to wear to the gym. I keep these for rainy days because they keep the weather out a bit better which means drier feet and fewer problems.

Because I am now running a lot and over further distances I have blisters (from an old pair of shoes that went straight into the bin), callouses forming and one black toenail from longer run I did.  My left foot looks pretty normal. My right foot looks bad with a whopping blister on the big toe joint which is still quite raw. There isn’t much skin left  since I accidentally ripped it all off along with the first standard band-aid I put on the blister. That was a week ago. I now have a few thin layers of skin but it is still very sore and sensitive. I have been able to keep running with the help of  advanced healing band-aids. You are supposed to leave these on for as long as possible until they start falling off on their own. Under non-running conditions this is usually around a week for me. But if I run with them on (which is doable) then I sweat so much that they actually fall off straight after the run. At least they have allowed some of the skin to re-grow and I am able to continue training pain free. I will need to have a rest from running for a few days and hopefully they will recover enough that I will be able to start running again without them.