Setting Goals

One thing I found when I started looking through other running blogs was that I couldn’t find how long it had taken people to get to where they were at that particular point in time. They were running marathons etc but how long did it take them to get there? What were their milestones to reaching that current goal? If I really wanted to I could sift back through years of blog posts but I doubted I could be that patient. So for ease of transparency, I have set up my own Goals summary page so that people can see how long it has taken me to get to where I am now and what my goals were along the way. Mainly so that people who are just getting started in setting their health or fitness goals has some point of reference. We can’t all just go out and run 10k because we want to. We have to work up to it.

I was going back through my files to see how long it took me to reach each of my goals whilst I was in the process of setting new ones for this year. I realised that whilst I haven’t been running all that long, that I have reached some goals quicker than others. I am also at a point now where I want to set a new goal. I haven’t hit my current goal yet but I am not far off now and I want to begin training for the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic at the end of June. Matt did this last year when he first started running and said it was a lot of fun. It is in the gorgeous Blue Mountains in a cooler part of the year so I am hoping it is a good run to start with over the half marathon distance. I don’t see myself doing too many of these since I am not in love with the actual process of running (shocking I know since that is what this blog has been primarily about).

I am also hoping to get the cleats on my bike fixed up this weekend so I can start going for a few rides during the week and cutting back on the running just to vary it up a bit. I am starting to get sick of hill running. I will sort out my training program to the end of June and upload it week by week to the blog. Then when the weather gets warmer I will add in some swimming since that is by far my favourite sport (who doesn’t love being in the water). Eventually i would like to try my hand at a short distance triathlon, just so I can cross it off my list of things I’ve done. I am looking forward to changing things up.