School holidays and bad weather

Matt is training for the Port Macquarie Iron Man on May 4 so of course he needs to go swimming and running before/after work which means I don’t have the option to wait until he is home so I need to train and/or walk the dog during the day. I haven’t done much in the way of running this week thanks to the school holidays, the shortened days, and the crap weather. It is hard enough to get the kids to want to come for a ride around our hilly area when the sun is shining let alone when it is raining. So even though I haven’t been running, I have been walking every day but I haven’t bothered to log it since it is mostly slow walking and waiting around at the park for the kids to head home (usually pushing at least one, sometimes two bikes with the dog strapped to me). Tomorrow I am going to pack the bikes in the car and head to somewhere flatter so the kids can have a proper ride and get some more energy out. I am thinking Curl Curl since it is usually not too busy on the track and it’s nice and smooth. They can also play on the netball courts or in the park afterwards.

I’m also not sure how I would go running at the moment. Last night my large toes were in so much pain from the pressure of the blood blisters underneath the toe nails that I couldn’t stand it any more so I grabbed a needled, sterilised it and then drained the fluid. Ahhhh the relief. They are still a bit sore to the touch though and I did try and run a little today on my walk with the kids and the dog but it was painful. I think I might need to wait a few more days for them to heal a bit. I am definitely losing the nails though 🙁

On the plus side I have ordered my new shoes from Wiggle and who doesn’t love getting new running gear?