About Me

Raised on the Central Coast of New South Wales. I spent most of the eighties and nineties in formal education. In my spare time I played and watched a multitude of different sports, enjoyed lazy summer days at the beach, and read books. 

As an adult, I completed a degree in Biomedical Science, moved to Sydney, got married, travelled, and enjoyed a seven year career as a professional scientist. After seven years working with immunodiagnostics, I quit my day job to raise my children until they were school aged, by which time career opportunities were harder to come by.

In 2014, I decided there was no better time to chase my life-long dream of writing a book. I studied as much as I could on the craft of story-telling and researched everything and anything I could think of which could help me on this new journey. It didn’t take long for futuristic settings, fantastic worlds, and the characters inhabiting them to form in my mind. The hardest part was combining them with a compelling plot. My first science fiction novel is currently undergoing an extensive edit.

I live on Sydney’s Northern beaches with my husband, two children, and a hyperactive Staffordshire Bull Terrier. In my spare time you can find me exercising (usually running) to offset my weaknesses for cheese and wine, or escaping with a good book.

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I’m always happy to make new friends on Goodreads or chat on Twitter. If you have a request, please contact me.

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