Routine again

The kids are back at school (hooray!….oh, I oops, I’m sure you know I mean I am oh so sad). Anyway, I am now finding we are back in our regular routine again and I am able to run or go for a walk without having to beg or plead with children. This morning I went to pilates which was great. We really worked out all those muscles, like the ITB, which needed a good stretch. I missed my pilates and really should do it in the school holidays at home.  There is really no excuse for me not to do it given I have all the same gear with the exception of being sick.

I did manage a 10k trail run on the weekend which was great. I felt heavy footed to begin with but I was feeling much better by the end of the run. Part of that may have been because I ran the first half with Blaze, then dropped him off at home to finish the second half of the run. It is so much easier being able to maintain your own pace and not having to stop or being pulled over to the side every now and again for whatever smell he wants to investigate.

I was planning another 10k tomorrow but I have a commitment at the school so I will have to do it on Friday instead. I am now looking at what event(s) I would like to do over the rest of this year. I also need to fit them in around Matts (ever changing/increasing) schedule. I would really like to do at least one more half marathon by the end of the year so I can compare it to how I went in the Woodford to Glenbrook. Hopefully I will see an improvement in my overall time. I will have to investigate.