Reading is relaxingYou can see what I’m reading or what I’ve read on Goodreads at any time. Each year I undertake a number of reading challenges, mainly through the Aussie Readers Goodreads Group. I also undertake the Australian Women’s Writer’s Challenge and try and review a certain number of books written by female Australian Authors.

A note about my reading ratings: they are my opinion only and based on what I feel makes a good book. I only issue a star rating because Goodreads, Amazon and other sites require them. These are the way I interpret the star ratings:

5★ = Excellent read. I loved everything: the author’s voice, characters, setting, and plot. I’ll keep and love this book forever and ever.
4★ = Great read. As above, but there may have been a couple of things that prevented it from getting top marks.
3★ = Fun read. I enjoyed the book and would probably read more by the author, despite a few niggly problems. May keep or gift the book to a friend depending on what type it is.
2★ = Could have been much better. There may have been problems with voice, characterisation, and plot, or maybe editing issues.
1★ = I really didn’t like this book. It’s likely there were numerous problems and/or a lack of editing.

Note: If I can’t finish a book, for whatever reason, I generally will not issue it a grade because I don’t think it’s fair to rate a book if I haven’t read the whole thing. It’s usually because the genre isn’t one I like to read.

From time to time I receive a book free of charge, from places like NetGalley or an author directly, in exchange for a review. In these circumstances a disclaimer will be recorded in post.

If you have any questions or would like me to review your book, please contact me.