Rain, smelly dog, sore knees and swimming

The title of this post covers it all recently. There has been a deluge over the last couple of weeks in Sydney and so even if I had wanted to run the weather hasn’t been ideal.  I am not going cycling in this weather as Sydney drivers are insane at the best of times. There was a car crash near our house yesterday and another one this morning so no way am I riding my bike on the roads.  I have still been walking the dog but with all the rain he stinks, well, like a wet dog. Plus, the physio says I still can’t run yet (I am hoping I can get the Okay again on Friday but it isn’t looking good) and so I decided I would go swimming today whilst the kids were having their lessons since I am going slowly insane.

It’s the first time since summer that I have been back in the pool. I loved it. I love getting into the rhythm and just letting all my thoughts evaporate.  It’s also the first time that I’ve used the Garmin in the pool and I have to say it is so much better than trying to count laps in my head because I inevitably lose track. I swam 1500m all up and felt pretty good. My knee only hurt once when I accidentally pushed off my left leg off the wall but otherwise I was Okay. I was more annoyed by the fact that after the first 500m, a man jumped into my lane. This would normally be fine except this man decided to do breaststroke and he’d wait until I was almost at the end of the pool and then push off directly in front of me! I mean, who does that?? Why not wait for me to go and then push off? The other annoying thing this guy did was when I then overlapped him again on the next lap (So I was about 75m in when he was just over 25m) he decided he didn’t like me overtaking him so he’d speed up to block me. WTF!!!

I was getting rather annoyed by this guy so I just kept overtaking him until he got the message and he backed off. But then the aquatic centre shut some of the other public lanes for squads to use so the people in those lanes had to come to our side of the pool. Three, yes THREE, of these morons jumped into my lane meaning I was sharing with four idiots. Meanwhile the guy next to me had a whole lane to himself. So I decided to switch lanes for the last 100m and then get out.

So people the moral to this story is if you want to swim in lap lanes, don’t get in the lane with the woman or man who wants to swim fast, continual laps. You will only piss her or him off! Please use common sense and pick a lane with other similar people to yourself or get out of their way. Better yet, swim in the fun and splash lane where you belong .