After my daughter (and last child) was born I had no core muscles, or muscles in general. This was because I had not done much in the way of exercise between children and I barely had enough energy to get to the bathroom each day (to vomit), let alone do exercise, when I was pregnant. There are all different ways of incorporating strength training into your workout but for me Pilates is the most enjoyable. I started out doing Pilates at the gym I joined when my baby girl was only 6 months old. In a class of 50+ people, I had no idea if I was doing anything right and I was pretty certain that I wasn’t. There was pain when I was sure there wasn’t supposed to be and whilst initially I felt like I’d had a good workout, that soon wore off. I also felt that the routine didn’t vary much week to week so I became bored.

After I quit the gym, I was lucky enough to be able to start taking Pilates classes through my daughters ballet school whilst she had her own classes. Immediately I saw a huge difference in the way the classes were taught and in the care of the instructors. Class sizes were smaller which meant the instructor is able to go around and check that everyone’s technique is correct. This makes a massive difference because the exercises become all that more effective. I love that the classes have elements that are the same but will still vary enough from week to week. I have noticed how much of a difference this has made over the past 12 months to my core and pelvic muscles.

The one thing I do want to try start incorporating more into my weekly planning is light weights sessions, especially targeting my arms. I haven’t done it recently because I believe the weights are buried somewhere under my stairs with a whole heap of other stuff. When I have some time spare I might try and dig them out again.

What do you do for strength training?