NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition – Round 3

I made it through to the final round of the NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition. ? Like before, I wasn’t expecting it. Not because I didn’t think my entry was good enough, but because I’d read some of the other scripts submitted in my heat, including the entry that (deservedly) came …

Book Review: Vigil by Angela Slatter

Vigil wasn’t at all what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story takes place in a modified version of Brisbane which has both the normal human elements as well as those of the Weyrd. It follows Verity’s investigation into the Weyrd’s involvement in the disappearance of normal human children, including a more personal element, and becomes more complex with added layers of intrigue as the novel progresses.

Book Review: The Patterson Girls by Rachel Johns

The Patterson girls are reunited at Christmas in their home town of Meadow Brook in South Australia. They are their to help their father who is grieving the loss of their mother and struggling with running the family motel. It is here that the four sisters uncover a curse bestowed upon the family generations before. The sisters then part to return to their lives, or start new ones with the curse running through their minds and affecting their decisions. The story does drag a little in the middle, but that’s because we are given four characters to follow. For most of them, the curse weighs on their minds and they react in ways that aren’t entirely rational.

NYC Midnight Screenplay Competition – Round 2

Last week, the results from Round One of the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Competition came out. I wrote about my experience here and what I thought my odds were off progressing on to Round Two. In short, I didn’t expect to make it into the top five. My main purpose for browsing through …