It is now less than two weeks until the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic and I had planned to do a 15k run today. I am thinking I will try the 15km at the end of the week for my long run providing I feel OK. I will then try and do a slow and easy 10km on Mon/Tues. I rolled my ankle on a run with Blaze yesterday and my runners knee has flared up. I used to roll my ankle all the time when I was playing netball and usually I am OK to walk it off (which I did). I am surprised that it is swollen today though; that doesn’t usually happen. It doesn’t hurt so I am hoping that with a bit of rest it will go down. My knee is really sore on the inside and behind the knee at the bottom of the thigh. I am going to take some ibuprofen and ice it along with some rest and hopefully it will come good in a couple of days.

I still haven’t gotten on my bike yet. I have done a couple of tiny rides around our neighbourhood but I am still having issues with my cleats. The boy thinks it is hilarious that I fall off my bike whilst still attached. I am also still scared to ride on Sydney roads. There are some crazies out there. They have just finished a new bike path on one of the main roads near our house. There are a couple of traffic calming areas where bikes can either go up on to the footpath or stay on the road. Most people stay on the road but in order to do this the traffic needs to be mindful of the bikes (i.e. give way if they are behind them). This morning I saw a guy on a bike almost get taken out by a car. There was a car which didn’t want to give way to him so decided to overtake him IN the calming section. There definitely isn’t enough room for that and there certainly wasn’t a 1m gap. When I see stuff like that it just freaks me out more. I guess once I get back into it I will be less scared. I just wish people were more patient on the roads.

Enough of my rant…better get back to cleaning my house.