Mothers Day Classic 2014

Yesterday I was up early for the Mothers Day Classic which was being held in the streets around the Domain in the city. My event, the 8km run, was starting at 7.55am and we needed to be there an hour before. I wasn’t feeling very well so I dosed up on some ibuprofen, skipped breakfast and hoped I was feeling better before the start. Lucky the kids were up at 6am so by 6.30am we were ready to go. We drove into the city with the sun coming up and wondering where the forecast showers were and if they were going to hold off. We didnt need to worry because it turned out to be a beautiful sunny morning.

We parked a few streets away so we weren’t affected by the road closures when we wanted to leave. The city is kind of eerie early on a Sunday morning. It feels deserted. We walked from the car up Martin Place and started to see other people who were also walking to the event. There were lots of people wearing pink. When we arrived in Macquarie Street they were about to start the 4km run so we stopped to watch them.

Watching the start
At the start line

We then made our way to the Domain. There were stalls, jumping castles for the kids and stage area. The line up for the toilets was huge but I found some behind the stage area close to the finish line that weren’t as busy. We watched the first of the 4km runners cross the line and then headed back to the other side of the domain so the kids could have a go on the jumping castles. I was feeling better by this time so had a gel and then it was time for me to make my way to the start. I left the family in the Domain and walked to the start line in Macquarie Street.

There were already lots of people there and I made my way to the front so I could be in the first wave start. It was already pretty packed so I went as far forward as I could and hoped I was in the right spot. I started my watch and paused it so I could start it again when I crossed the timing line. A few minutes later we were underway. It was slow to start with and I pretty much walked until the timing line and then started my run and my watch. I had to overtake a lot of people and it was hard going as it was tight up Macquarie Street. It was easier in College street as there was room on the sides. I actually felt OK until I started the run to Mrs Macquaries chair and I got really thirsty. I grabbed some water at the drink station just after the 2km mark and tried to drink it on the run but it went down the wrong way so I was coughing for a while. The course was turning out to be hillier than I thought so I tried to not worry about the people overtaking me and concentrated on maintaining my own pace. As I was running back past the Art Gallery Matt yelled out to me but I couldn’t see the kids. By the time I was back to Macquarie street I was feeling really tired and just wanted to slow down but I made myself keep going because I really wanted to get to my goal. As I ran past the Art Gallery again I tried to look for Matt and the kids but I couldn’t see them. I just kept running and kept telling myself to keep going. I hadn’t taken my sunglasses because of the weather forecast and was really wishing I had by this point as the sun was shining right into my eyes as I ran towards Mrs Macquarie’s point for the second time. As I headed back up the hill and saw the 7km sign I was really tiring and just hoping I could hold onto my pace for the last km. As I was passing the Art Gallery for the last time, there was a man that had passed out on the side of the road and we had to run around him. He was talking to the people helping him so I think he was OK. About 100m from the finish chute there was another man holding up a sign that read “I bet you thought this was a good idea at the time” which gave me a smile. As I headed down the finish chute I pushed myself just a little harder, trying to make sure I got there in my 48 min goal. I crossed the line and stopped my watch. I had made my goal.


Matt and the kids were just on the other side of the line so I made my way over to them. There were lots of people yelling so I didn’t hear/see them initially. I said hello and told them I’d meet them on the other side. I then went and grabbed some water and the best tasting banana I have ever eaten. I was pretty hungry because I hadn’t eaten anything before the race. I also picked up a finishers medallion/key fob and found the family.

After the race with Madame and The Boy
After the race with Madame and The Boy

I was still cooling down and very hungry so I proposed we head back to the car so we could go and have some breakfast. The kids had already had sausage sandwiches but were still hungry too. The 4km walk was just starting as we walked past Macquarie Street. When we were back in Martin Place the fountain was running again so the kids and I had a photo with it going. Madame loved the fountain and The Boy wants to go back and put dishwashing liquid in it so it foams up. We may have made a mistake telling him about that (we used to live in the city before kids and you would often see bubbles in the fountain on the weekends).

The kids and I above the fountain in Martin Place
The kids and I above the fountain in Martin Place

We then headed home for a relaxing mothers day where I was spoiled with slippers and a backscratcher from Madame and some cooking utensils from The Boy. I was made a delicious Bacon and Ham roll and we went to the Library so I could get a book I wanted. We had a relaxing afternoon at home and I was able to read. All in all a great Mothers Day. I hope yours was too 🙂