Lunch & Liane Moriarty

Last Friday I took a little trip into the city. It doesn’t happen any where near as much as I would like these days, so I admit I was a little excited. The Sydney Dymocks store is a lot bigger than my local one, and I have fond memories of it from my younger years living in the city, so of course I spent over an hour browsing through the books. I had one staff member ask if I was okay, and when I turned with my arms overflowing to face him he smiled and said, “yes, I see that you are.”

But carrying that many books around the city with me was a little impractical. Especially since I still had more shopping to do and a luncheon to attend. In the end I limited myself (sadly) to four books, as per the picture below.

I ❤ ?. Went shopping today. #dymocks in the city #Sydney

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My main purpose for the visit to Dymocks was to purchase Liane Moriarty‘s new book, “Truly, Madly, Guilty“. The review for this will come, but for now I have it on my bookshelf.

Following my shopping, I headed to the Shangri-La hotel where Dymocks was putting on a Luncheon with Liane Moriarty herself in attendance. The food and wine were fabulous, and the event itself was well organised. Liane was a delight to listen to. Her talk covered everything from how she became an author, her new book, her previous books, and her family. It was great to listen to the personal anecdotes and stories she also included. I found it interesting that she felt it necessary to justify why the television series for Big Little Lies, was modified to be set in California, rather than Sydney. Of course changes will be made for television. Even more surprising was that she still received a question about it at the end of her talk. It would seem some people are very passionate about the television/movie versions being true to the book in every aspect. But as Liane said herself, “the book will still be there and it hasn’t changed.”

I did take pictures, but of course my photography skills are terrible, so I won’t clog this post with them. I had to leave following the luncheon, before I could get a book signed, since my children needed me to take them to their various after school activities. All in all, it was an enjoyable day.