Into The Swing of 2015

Ha ha. I’ve finally updated my blog and made a post. The kids are back at school following the summer holidays and we’re back into our regular programming. I’m back into running and reading, and this year I’m adding writing to the list, thus the change in my blog. I’ve decided that now both kids are at school and I’m not interested in returning to a full time career in science, I will follow a life long goal and write a novel.

Reading and writing were always a great passion of mine and I put them on hold when I left school to study science at university and then go on to have a career in my chosen field of study. I’ve had kids and I’m all grown up. It’s now or never.

I’ve also discovered that there are writing competitions. I’ve been reading  a lot about these things over the past week or so and it seems I’ve been missing out. So I’m jumping in feet first and I’ve decided to enter a short story in Pan Macmillan’s Bad Romeo Competition

I’ve already written it and am finalising my submission. I have fear of failure syndrome, which is something for another blog post, and it’s preventing me from hitting send. In the meantime, I will continue to work on the two manuscripts I started at the end of last year: a romance (which I really need to work more on), and a science fiction novel with romantic plot elements (this one is my baby and my passion).

I’ve discovered a wealth of knowledge online, some of which I will share over the coming weeks. I’m sure my foray into the world of writing will be full of rejection, disappointment, and (hopefully) triumph. In other words, a great adventure.