Garmin FR 910xt

My Magellan Switch Up hasn’t been working well of late with the battery dying at the most inconvenient times and in general having issues with the satellites. So I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a Garmin. I had been borrowing Matt’s Forerunner 910xt when mine was playing up and I quite liked it. I had also been eyeing off the Garmin FR 620 but given that it was at least AU$150 more expensive than I could get the 910xt for I decided to go for the cheaper option. So now Matt and I have the same watch. You will note that I have added some nail polish to mine so we can easily see which is my watch.

I have to say that it is much lighter and less bulky than the Magellan, not to mention more accurate. So far I have only used it for running but I can see myself using it for at least swimming later in the year (when it warms up). I will use the Magellan on the bike for now because I already have the mount set up for it. Who knows, I might even do a comparison between the two just for fun. Otherwise the Boy seems keen to use it.

I had planned to ride my bike this week but my knee is still really sore. The pain runs right over my right knee cap and it is even hurting to walk at the moment, let alone run. I don’t think the bike would help it much either. So I am thinking I might need to rest it for a bit until the pain eases up. Then I might bike more than run to start with so I can ease back into running again without the impact. It was even hurting during pilates on Wednesday which is always a good indication as to how bad it is. I like trail running but it does seem to be harder on my knees.