Follow Up: Ryan Healey

In one of my recent posts I created a ghostly character named Ryan Healey for the Chuck Wendig Create a Character and Go, Go, Go, Challenge. I’m so glad that he was snapped up and used in not one but two short stories.

The first was written by Patrick on his blog here:

I love the thought that went into the backstory, not only’s Ryan’s but the way his afterlife works, and how both were intertwined in the ultimate outcome.

The second story is by Nezchan on his blog here:

In Nezchan’s story we get to know the original jumper in the character sketch, and how she affects Ryan’s life in purgatory. The little changes, to the timeline, and the way his world works — tied to the bench, becoming a therapist — were great.

I highly recommend both reads. They’re quick and fun.