Cycling and Geocaching

We have had some awesome sunshine here over the past week. It was warm towards the end of July but it got cold again over the weekend, however the sun is still shining. My knee is still very sore and I now suspect I have done ligament damage. I will try and get to the doctor at some point this week. Despite the soreness I still managed to do my first ever ride to North Head last week when the car was in for a service. It was gorgeous and warm and I really enjoyed the downhill to Manly. The uphill to North Head and again on the way home was rather tiring but I managed to make it all the way up the steep hills without stopping on my first ever attempt so I am happy. Especially given I should probably have been resting instead.

Also, because I can’t run at the moment (too painful) I have been walking the dog and getting the kids to come so we could go geocaching. We have found some great kid friendly caches this week and the kids have had fun with new treasures and deciding what to leave behind. We have had to do a bit of bush bashing to get to some of the caches but I think that is half the fun.

Family cycle geocaching
Family cyclo-geocaching at Bantry Bay