Character: Ryan Healey

I’ve decided to join in Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge this week and create a character in under 250 words. The main aim of the challenge:

Next week, you will offer that character up onto the altar of the next flash fiction challenge — folks may borrow your character and take them on a test drive through a new piece of fiction.

Please meet Ryan Healey…

I sit on a wooden bench in the dark looking out over the roiling ocean at the top of a sandstone cliff.  I can’t see it, but I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks below. I’m wearing the same black t-shirt, jeans and hiking boots that I have for the past ten years.

I’m still clinging onto the hope that the next jumper I help will be the one that sets me free.

Ten minutes after I first felt the pull, a woman with dark hair in a white dress appears. She walks over to the galvanised iron fence that only comes to waist height, her fingers gripping the railing so hard they turn white.

I move from my position on the bench to stand beside her. “Are you okay?”

She turns to face me, her eyes narrowed. “Why do you care?”

“I don’t.”

“Then leave me alone.” She climbs over the fence and stands on the short ledge between it and the edge of the cliff. Her hair and dress are blowing every which way and she looks over her shoulder at me. “You aren’t going to stop me?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.” I walk straight through the fence to stand beside her and take her hand in mine. “I’ll come with you if you like.”

Her eyes widen. “You, you’re not real. You’re a g…ghost.”

I smile but there’s no warmth behind it. “Bingo.”


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