Chapter Critiques

I am currently working on my first novel, as are plenty of other people in this big wide world of ours. I’m finding it difficult to balance my writing (which I would like to be doing all the time) with all of life’s other responsibilities. However, I have somehow managed to finish a full manuscript and I am currently in the process of refining it.

Part of this process is putting your work out there for other people to critique. It’s a scary process and it can be hard to hear some of the feedback, but I feel that it’s a crucial step in ensuring the writing that I produce is the best that it can be. I have had the first scene of my first chapter critiqued so far. There were some great suggestions and plenty of mistakes that I failed to pick up. I have since rewritten parts of that chapter and corrected the mistakes that I made. I will now wait for feedback on the next scene and continue on until my book has been completely critiqued.

Because of this, I have found that as I go back through my manuscript for what feels like the umpteenth time, I am making changes as I go and re-writing huge chunks of the story. It’s tighter and i’m losing some of the early chapters I wasn’t happy with. But it’s a slow process and I feel like I’m not moving fast enough for where I want my story to be. That is, I can’t type all of the thoughts in my head fast enough. I have the opposite of writer’s block (is there a name for that?)

Overall, I am pleased with my progress, but it’s slower than I would have liked.