Book Review: Shift by Hugh Howey

Shift is the prequel to The Wool Omnibus. It primarily tells the story of how the underground silos came to exist and why the world became unliveable. The first half of the book is very different from Wool, and much slower. It starts with Donald Keene, a congressman involved in a top secret project to build an underground facility. He believes the lie he’s fed about the facility’s construction, and is quickly trapped into an existence he had tried to believe wasn’t possible.

Book Review: Wool by Hugh Howey

The opening of Wool grabs you right away. Sheriff Holston knows he’s going to die, has in fact asked for it, but against all odds is hopeful he may somehow find his lost love and survive. You feel sorry for him, and wonder if he may not make it after all. It’s enough to get you invested in the story straight away, if only to see if he is right.

Book Review: Morning Star – Red Rising 3

Title:  Morning Star Author: Pierce Brown Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton Publication Date: 22nd September 2016 Genre: Mixed – Science Fiction / YA Darrow is the Reaper of Mars. Born to toil, carved to fight, destined to lead. But he is a broken man. Exposed as a Red in a world ruled by Golds, he has …

Book Review: After the Winter

After the Winter by Mark R. Healy is the first book in the Silent Earth series. Brant is a synthetic. He’s spent the last year in the wastelands in a future Earth desolated by nuclear winter. On the run from a group called the Marauders, who cannibalise other synthetics for spare parts, Brant …