Book Review: Suspended – Vagabond Circus #1

SuspendedI received an ARC copy of Sarah Noffke’s Suspended in exchange for an honest review. So here it is 🙂

Finley has been watching the Vagabond Circus and Doctor Dave Raydon, the ringmaster. His mission and enemy are dangerous, and he cannot fail.

Inexplicably drawn to the gorgeous Zuma, an enchanting acrobat with special gifts complimentary to his own, Finley can feel his concentration slipping when they start working closely together. He can’t let the connection between himself and Zuma threaten his mission, because the consequences will be fatal.

She turned to the stranger and faced him with an odd confidence he hadn’t witnessed before. Zuma was entitled, but not without right. She owned something about this world. And Finley couldn’t figure it out.

Author Sarah Noffke was a surprise for me. I discovered the Lucidites series not long after it was released and it remains one of my favourite YA trilogies. So I’ll admit I was a little nervous, but also excited, to be starting a new trilogy in the same vein.While Suspended shares some elements with the Lucidites, such as dream travelling, it is a different book.

The supernatural elements are woven seamlessly into the characters and the story. The mystery about the circus, it’s occupants, and the newcomer Finley are evident from the start. As is Finley and Zuma’s connection. I love that Sarah takes the time to develop the relationships between each of the characters, which is difficult to do with a whole cast from the circus, but it’s done naturally and it’s done well.

The story unfolds slowly at first, then gathers speed. When I reached the last page I was disappointed — I have to wait until next week when Paralyzed is released to find out what happens next…

4 stars.

This is the first book in the Vagabond Circus trilogy. The next two books in the series, Paralyzed and Released, will be released in February and March 2016 respectively. I will post my reviews of them when I’ve read them.

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