Book Review: Ridiculous

RidiculousRidiculous by D.L. Carter is a regency romance with a twist.

After the death of her miserly cousin, Antony North, Millicent Boarder fakes her own death and assumes his identity in order to ensure her mother and two sisters are properly cared for rather than face the poorhouse as they have once before. Mr North was quite wealthy with numerous properties and on a trip to visit one of her new estates, she comes across a Duke and his sister who have had a carriage accident. They make fast friends and Millicent is quickly swept up into the Ton.

But the success of her switching her gender as well as her identity has left Millicent with a new problem. Now she’s finally become a man, she’s found one of her own to love. But revealing her identity could see her hanged for her crimes and her family lose everything.

This was a fun read. Millicent is feisty and funny and I loved her as Mr North. I would have given this five stars if it wasn’t for the way the love story developed at the end. That part fell a little flat for me, but otherwise it was a quick and easy read.

4 Stars.