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hades is the first novel by Australian Author Candice Fox. I’d read a few good reviews of this novel and added it to my Australian Women’s Writer’s challenge list, as well the serial killer category of the Eclectic Reader’s challenge.

Hades Archer deals with problems. But when two young and injured children are dumped on his doorstep, he makes an unconscious decision to keep them. The traumatic event which bound the three together, will also shape the people they will become.

Twenty years later, Homicide detective Frank Bennett is assigned a new partner, the dark and mysterious Eden. As they go in search of a serial killer on the streets of Sydney, Frank is unnerved by his new partner and her overprotective and smarmy brother Eric. Frank’s instincts tell him there is something off with the Archers, and his instincts could get him killed.

You know what’s important, don’t you Frank? What was important was finding the man who had slain the junkie in the pit, who had been responsible for so much meaningless depravity.

I haven’t read a lot of serial killer books recently (and by recently I mean in years). Horrors and thrillers used to be my go-to genre, but I tend to go for other more uplifting books now. I saw this in my local shopping centre last week and picked it up.

hades is told largely through two different point of view — Hades in third person, and Frank in first — although there are the occasional viewpoints of the antagonists also. I actually enjoy getting inside character’s heads so for me I didn’t find it too disconcerting, since each viewpoint was in a separate scene. I like that none of the characters in this novel are inherently good or bad, they all have their faults. There are a few gory details, but nothing too bad. This wasn’t the most uplifting of books, a lot of bad stuff happens, and the protagonists aren’t the most fun people thanks to their jobs and their pasts. But it was an interesting read nonetheless. I enjoy reading books set in my home town, and this one captured the parts of Sydney mentioned quite well.

I already have book two, Eden, and I’ll be reading on to find out what will happen between Frank and Eden next.

3.5 stars.

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