Book Review: eden

edeneden by Candice Fox follows on from the first book in the trilogy: hades.

Following on from the events of the first book, Frank Bennett decides to drink away his pain. Eden urges him to deal with his issues and get back to work, which includes helping her father, criminal overlord hades, track down a stalker. Frank and Eden are also assigned to a counsellor and a new potential serial killer case. Three women have gone missing and there’s a connection to a farm out in Sydney’s western suburbs. Eden goes undercover, while Frank watches her, drinks, and delves into hades past to uncover the answer to the identity of his stalker and a long lost mystery.

‘What have I done now? I’ve been an absolute angel today. I didn’t trash my place. I went and spoke to Hades, I surrendered to his blackmail with a handshake and a polite smile. I’ve had two beers. Two.’ I held up two fingers.

‘If I had a doggy biscuit I’d give it to you,’ she said.

I’m a bit slow on posting my review of eden. I finished it late at night and got caught up working on my own book for the next few days before picking up Saving Francesca, so I actually finished this a week ago. Because I knew the characters of Eden, Frank, and Hades a little better thanks to the first book, I enjoyed this story better than the first in the series. I liked reading about Hades past and why he became the person he did. I liked seeing Eden in all her horrific glory on the farm. And I loved Frank when he was unhinged, and even better when he started to snap out of it. And that ending – Wow! I’m so glad Fall is already released so I can find it when I next head to the mall.

4 stars.

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