Book Review: Dust by Hugh Howey

Title: Dust by Hugh Howey
Publisher: Broad Reach Publishing
Publication Date: 17th August 2013
Genre: Science Fiction / Dystopia

In a time when secrets and lies were the foundations of life, someone has discovered the truth. And they are going to tell.

Jules knows what her predecessors created. She knows they are the reason life has to be lived in this way. And she won’t stand for it.

But Jules no longer has supporters. And there is far more to fear than the toxic world beyond her walls. A poison is growing from within Silo 18. One that cannot be stopped.

Unless Silo 1 step in.


Dust is the final installation in the Silo Saga. I have previously reviewed the first two Omnibuses of the series: Wool and Shift. I was eagerly looking forward to finishing this series and it didn’t disappoint. Dust continues where both Wool and Shift left off, joining the two strands of the story together so you can watch what’s happening in both Silo 18 (Jules’ silo) and Silo 1 (Donald’s silo).

I didn’t connect to the characters of Silo 1 as much as those of Silo 18 during the unfolding of Shift, mainly because I didn’t really understand Donald’s motivation, and his hesitancy in building the silo’s was glossed over. This was partially explained as a side effect of the medication he was on, which is understandable and the writing certainly reflects the numbness the character himself feels, but it still made it more difficult to want him to succeed. If anything, it helped put the reader more firmly in Jules’ camp. In Dust, Donnie’s ditched the medication, and I got a much better motivation to support him and his sister, Charlotte. 

The plot is brimming with tension as to whether or not the people of Silo 18 would survive the revival of Senator Thurman, along with Donald and Charlotte. Jules’ ingenuity continued to shine, but she had some serious competition with Charlotte. One of the characters deaths in particular I didn’t see coming and in hindsight probably should have. The ending of Dust was almost but not quite what I was expecting and was bittersweet whilst still hopeful.

Overall I really enjoyed the Shift Saga and would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi and dystopias.