Book Review: Coral Sea Affair

The Coral Sea Affair by Aussie Author Drew Lindsay is one of many stories about former police officer Ben Hood (this is the first).
Coral Sea Affair

Ben Hood is a Sydney policeman who is placed on leave for shooting two people against police procedure. He goes back to Karate training and joins a security company where he is placed on assignment to protect the object of a strange obsession, Brenda Grant, in tropical Port Douglas. While there, he stumbles across a strange mystery. A woman’s husband has gone missing and there is mystery surrounding nearby skull island. Believing the two are connected, Ben sets out on a one man mission to find out the truth.

I enjoyed this mainly for the setting. I know all of the places in this book rather well so reading it was like reading about a neighbour, albeit a strange one. For the most part the story was interesting and kept me turning the pages but left me scratching my head at times. The bad guys weren’t very smart and Ben went from married loser to ‘White Knight’, winning the affections of every woman within five meters far too easily. Even if he was likeable, it was a bit of a stretch. It’s for that reason that I only scored this 2.5*