Back on my Bike

Given I hurt my ankle on Monday and today is the first day it hasn’t hurt, I decided I shouldn’t push myself and would finally go on the bike ride I have been promising myself I would do for months. So I got out the bike, pumped up the tires (I did it all by myself – yay!) and decked myself out in a whole heap of new bike gear. I figured out how to set up my Magellan for road riding and away I went.

I did a few laps of some quiet-ish roads near our house. The only downside is that it was all hills which showed me that it might be a while before I decide to tackle Allambie Road. I really enjoyed the downhill sections though and was wishing I had some good long flat roads to practice on. I will have to go and find some at some point. I have finally figured out my cleats. I can unclip from my left foot easily enough although I think I will need more practise with my right. My knee has still been sore, even though my ankle seems to have recovered, but it actually feels much better after the ride. I think the muscles just needed loosening up.

I am glad I got out there. I have faced my fear and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Now I just need to get out on some busier roads in the traffic to test myself. I am also glad I went this morning when the weather was fine. It is now raining hard here now and I am about to head to the school to watch the boy get an award. Typical…..