Autumn in Oz

February managed to sneak away from me and with it the last days of summer – although you wouldn’t know it since temperatures are still hovering in the low thirties, high twenties (around 80-90°F). It’s also humid, and I hate humidity. The air feels hard to breathe and sticks to your skin. On the plus side, we’ll likely be spending lazy weekends at the beach well into March.

I didn’t really meet all my editing/writing goals last month since real life got in the way. I did, however, manage to complete a short story for a writing forum I’m on. Last week I removed 15,000 words from my manuscript. Needless to say, I didn’t manage to write anywhere near that figure in a week to make up for it. I felt awful, but it had to be done. Killing your darlings is hard.

March is looking to be busy as we head towards Easter. I have developed a new five to fifteen minute writing plan, where in between tasks/events, I spend between five to fifteen minutes writing. I’ve trialled it, and so far it seems to be quite productive and I’ve managed to write more on those days than on days where I’m staring at the computer for an hour or more. I have no explanation as to why, but maybe someone with a psychology degree could explain it to me.

I am eagerly awaiting the final book in the Illuminae series I have on pre-order. In the meantime I’m reading Wool by Hugh Howey and I have a couple of reviews to catch up on.