Another 15km and nearly at my goal

I did another 15km run in the rain this morning:

Stats 270414

It was my fastest 10km and 15km (although I have only done two) so far and I was almost under my 60 min goal. So I am getting faster. I was stopped at the lights at the bottom of the hill for ages so decided to make up the time on the flat section next to the golf course and smashed my best time and got the crown on that segment (on Strava). Matt says he is going to flag it and say I was on the back of a golf cart since I beat his time on it as well. I had a gel before my run today and I didn’t get the dreaded 4km stitch. In fact the only time I had a stitch was just before the 10km mark when I was pushing myself to go a bit faster because I new I would be close to my goal.  I slowed down a bit and it went away 🙂 so I will keep having a gel before my runs I think. I am sore now though with my legs and the side of my hips aching. But it’s only temporary.

I will have to work out my training plan for the month and post it here. I still have about 4 weeks of the Runkeeper training plan to go but might have to modify it based around all the other activities we will have on in May. I have noticed that Runkeeper is  having issues with some of my runs so I haven’t uploaded them all and others it has simply worked out my average pace for the whole run so the splits are incorrect. I think once I finish the current training plan I will stop using it and just stick with Strava.