2 Days to Go

It’s only two days until the Woodford to Glenbrook. I am slightly worried that 25km might be just a bit too far for me. I would have liked to have done at least one more long run around the time I hurst my ankle to prepare but I guess I am just going to have to trust myself. I guess I can always walk a bit if I am finding it tough. I am aiming to make it in 3 hours (there is a 4 hours deadline). Fingers crossed… Matt will be waiting for me when I finished so I will have something to push me to the finish line.

The July School holidays has started as of this afternoon. The kids are excited to be having time off and I am excited not to have to rush to be ready in the mornings and make lunches, pack school bags etc. I am also happy that I should be able to sleep in Monday morning because I know I am going to be sore and tired after Sunday. I am planning to use these holidays to kick start a daily “get outside and play” routine, for The Boy especially. I will try and take the kids for bike rides and on daily walks with the dog for starters. The Boy is keen to practice his handball so that should help too. Any other ideas? I’d love to hear them.