10km Run to Manly

The Easter Bunny delivered some yummy chocolates to the kidlets this morning. They had a great time searching the house for their goodies. There has been some gorgeous sunny weather over the Easter long weekend and we have been taking advantage of it. Matt has done a couple of ocean swims at Manly and wanted to do another today so I said I would run there and met him and the kids at Shelley Beach. The total distance from our house is just short of 10km so I had to add in a loop of a nearby park to increase the distance.

10km summary 20 apr14

About 3.6km into the run I got a stitch. I have been having a gel before each run to avoid my “4km stitches” but we are low on them at the moment so I didn’t have one today. I wish I had because the stitch ruined my pace and was really painful. It lasted for the rest of my run and didn’t go away until I finally stopped. I stubbornly thought I could run through it but I was wrong. At least my feet were OK. I have lost the big toenail on my right foot and the big toenail on my left is dead but still attached at this stage. They have both been very sore this week, especially my right toe, but they were feeling a lot better today and they felt fine when I was running. It was great getting to the beach and being able to have a swim after my run and then chill out on the sand for a while. The kids love the beach so they were happy just to swim and build sandcastles.

Shelley Beach
View across to Shelley Beach from North Steyne

Two weeks until Port Macquarie (Go Matt), and then one week until the Mothers Day Classic. I hope I can keep up with my training 🙂