Book Review: Paper Daisies

Title: Paper DaisiesPaper Daisies
Author: Australian Author Kim Kelly
Genre(s): Historical Fiction / Romance

As the year 1900 comes to an end, Berylda Jones reluctantly leaves her life and friends at university in Sydney for Bathurst where she finds her sister Greta’s situation is far worse than she ever imagined. Facing an uncertain future of her own thanks to her sadistic Uncle Alec, Berylda concocts a plan to free herself and Greta once and for all.

Ben Wilberry is on his way west in search of a native wild flower, keeping a final promise he made to his mother. Travelling with his friend Cosmo, Ben happens upon the Jones sisters and their smarmy uncle by chance on New Years Eve. Thanks to Ben’s well-known last name, he and Cosmo are invited to dinner. Ben becomes enchanted by Berylda and the two travellers agree to accompany the sisters on a short trip out of Bathurst.

Hill End is a former gold mine town, now quickly becoming a ghost town, with its own dark secrets. It is here Berylda will find the means to cure evil and a solution to what seems an impossible situation. But what she didn’t count on, was finding so much more in Ben Wilberry.

“My apologies for the intrusion, but I was hoping I might take a look at the shrub, ah. The daisies, over by the…”

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Flash Fiction Challenge: Scary Story Part Two

Last week, Chuck Wendig asked writers to create 1,000 words of part one of a scary story. I intended to take part but life got in the way. This week you can choose one of those story beginnings and create a part two. Next week will be part three.

I find the middle of a story sometimes the hardest to write, and first person present also difficult. There were some great part one choices, but in the end I chose this (untitled) one, by another Aussie author:


Thumping and scratching noises are coming from the ceiling directly above me. A family of possums most likely.

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The Blue Mountains

Kids climbing down

This is a non-writing/reading post, simply because I wanted to share some of this amazing country that I live in. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Blue Mountains this year thanks to my husband’s running adventures, and have learnt my way around. There are so many walking tracks I don’t think I’d ever discover them all, even if we lived locally.

Last weekend, we set out to do the the Valley of the Waters Track, but extended it down the ladders path which meant weended up doing the Wentworth Pass track in reverse. It took us roughly two hours to complete the seven kilometre loop with the kids and was quite steep in places. Lucky we took plenty of food and water because we needed the energy to climb back out of the valley.

I never realised there were so many waterfalls. Recent rains meant they were all flowing too which made for some very pretty pictures.


The above is just a small sample. I have so many photos I could have chosen from.

Funnily enough, the book I was reading at the time of this trip, Paper Daisies by Kim Kelly, is set partly in the Blue Mountains. I will be reviewing it next on my blog. Stay tuned…

Book Review: The Secret Years

Title: The Secret YearsThe Secret Years
Author: Australian Author Barbara Hannay
Genre(s): Historical Fiction / Romance

Lucy Hunter has just returned to Townsville from Afghanistan. She expects her fiancé to pick her up from the airport, but finds her mother has arrived instead. After a turbulent homecoming, and with time on leave, Lucy decides it’s time to find out who she really is and what it is she wants. Leaving for Cornwall to uncover more about her family’s English heritage, Lucy stirs up more than her own emotions. Her mothers past and that of her grandparents is tied deeply to Cornwall, and secrets buried for decades are brought to light.

‘What happened in England? Why is it such a big dark secret?’

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Book Review: truly madly guilty

Truly Madly GuiltyI have finally finished truly madly guilty by Liane Moriarty after a weekend away with some friends. Luckily my weekend away didn’t follow the plot of one of her novels. On to the review…

Erika and Clementine are friends with a dysfunctional relationship. Erika invites Clementine and her family over for a serious discussion, but before the event occurs, Erika is convinced by her neighbour to come to a barbeque at their place instead, Clementine and her family invited too, of course. Something happens at the barbeque which will change each of their relationships. Continue reading Book Review: truly madly guilty